With his feet firmly planted on the musically driven streets of Stockholm, let’s not pretend that
TOKI – the long haired creative – grew up in a musical family. His dad wasn’t the trombone elitist in
a legendary balkan band nor his mother a lead in the Vienna Opera.

TOKI has in fact curated his passion and interest for music over time and commitment.
Spending many years behind the desktop studio and in local clubs, brought him to the core of
Sweden’s music scene. Passionate about all things deep, footwork and trap, he is, the new face of
a rad experiences in the country.

TOKI’s background as a sound engineer is expressed in his captivating and energetic
performances delivering groovy sets where he seamlessly mixes different rhythms and genres.
Where the sound quality and productions are key for a full on experience.
He describes his sets as warm and powerful with a lot of heart and occasional unexpected twists.
Fusing electro beats, trap and original deep house with a touch of soul, makes his style unique
and fresh. An artist who experiments with sound and effortlessly crosses musical boundaries.

” – Behind the decks the show never mirrors itself, giving the crowd a new and different flavor
every time.”